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Jenny Kinzel

Image by Jonathan Barkat

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Jenny Kinzel

Jenny Kinzel is a multidisciplinary circus artist who uses circus to tell stories. Organized chaos is her life. Since 2014, she has been traveling and has studied at various schools and studios in the USA, Canada, England, Ecuador, and Argentina. She has been a part of programs from social circuses to professional programs such as Aircraft Circus and Circo de las Artes. 

Jenny makes art as a way of expressing her inner world to the outer world. Her artistic vision is to create compelling stories that people will enjoy watching, and that she is honored to perform. She uses a variety of disciplines in her work such as aerial silks, lyra, rope, acrobatics and juggling. 

Jenny’s dedication and skill is shown through her control in her body and mind in the air or on the ground. Currently she is based in Philadelphia and has recently graduated from Circadium School of Contemporary Circus. She would like to invite you to be a part of her world. Do you want to see what she has created?

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